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Dear Uncle Eddie,

My daughter is 15 months and was diagnosed with being allergic to dairy, eggs, and legumes. To find products without any of these ingredients is a challenge in itself BUT to find products that are delicious to the entire family is so very awesome. Thank you so very much for coming up with suck delicious Oatmeal Raisin cookies. My daughter looks forward to “treat” time and so does our entire family, we cannot get enough of your cookies. We are very much appreciative of companies such as yourself, who deliver delicious and animal free products. Keep up the good work.

Warm Regards,

The Rios Family

If I worked at Uncle Eddie’s Cookies, I would be broke all the time! All my money would go for cookies! If you tried the desensitization thing some food manufacturers do by letting their employees eat all they want, Uncle Eddie’s would be broke- and, vegan or not, I would be very very fat!!! I found them because I don’t eat sugar and you use evaporated cane juice HALLELUJAH! I got some and never looked back! I WISH I could eat the ones with chocolate chips in them but they have the “s” word in them, even though it’s not organic, and I don’t do the “s” word.  SIGH. I would LOVE to try those peanut butter chocolate chip ones!! Any chance you could make them with organic cane juice in the chips too? Just for me? PLEEEEEEZE??

IN the meantime, the oatmeal raisin are the best ones I have ever eaten or made in my LIFE!! Thank you so much for your wonderful cookies!!! I wouldn’t turn down a free bag or a coupon either if you do that sort of thing!! Woohoo!!

Thanks again and God Bless you.

Your friend in San Antonio, Gail


Dear Uncle Eddie,

Recently my girlfriend and I took a trip over to Morocco. It’s not a bad country to be vegan in so long as you love couscous, but finding vegan cookies? Fuggitaboutit. So I brought my own. Unfortunately, I ran out by Casablanca. Although I’m sad our trip has ended, you can guess what I bought as soon as we returned.



Travelin’ Vegan, Cookie-Lover


To whom it may concern,

Congratulations to Uncle Eddies for winning the Proggy “Best Vegetarian Snack Product” award from The People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals, PETA, demonstrating the company’s devotion to animal friendly progress in 21st century culture and commerce.

By educating consumers about animal rights issues and providing them with award-winning alternatives to processes that hurt animals, animal friendly companies are contributing to a more humane way of life for our entire society.

Animals are conscious beings that deserve and require respect and nonviolence from humanity.  Thank you for setting an example of compassion and wisdom for the world.



Re: cookie order - Outlook

I ordered my husband Uncle Eddie's molasses cookies for his birthday, and when they were delivered he tested one: soft, chewy, flavorful, perfect! Even though he is not vegan, my husband found them to be rich and delicious. Thanks for making his birthday so sweet!"
Tina Brooks, Claremont